Established in 2016, Idyllic Cosmetology started with a single mission in mind – we only offer the best, because you only deserve the best.

We bring bespoke beauty services to you, pampering and restoring your beauty with our professional staff. We want to make sure you leave Idyllic Cosmetology feeling more fabulous than when you arrived.

Our salon understands that Safety and Sanitation are essential to customers. Our implements, equipment, and electrical instruments are always thoroughly cleaned and subjected to an approved sanitizing and disinfecting process before reusing. Buffers and files are used only once, then discarded. All pedicure procedures are performed with liner protection. Our staff was trained to follow a proper sanitization protocol that puts our customer’s cleanliness as the number one priority.

Visit us today and experience the combination of luxury and elegance.

Our Team

Susanna Ng

Director | CEO (Idyllic Cosmetology)
Vice Chairman (ABEA SG)
Founder (7th Day)

Terence Zhuo

Executive Director (Idyllic Cosmetology)
Strategy Partner (BMI Academy)
Co-Founder (7th Day)

Dr. Jenny Wong

Founder (BMI Academy)
Board Director (ABEA KR)
Board Member (IEB UK)
Founder (7th Day)

Moonshee Ismail

Legal Advisor (Idyllic Cosmetology)
Co-Owner (BMI Academy)
Director (HMC Barber Academy)
Co-Founder (7th Day)

Jennifer Eng

Chairman (ACPF Malaysia)
Chainman (ABEA MY)
Founder (38⁰c Onsen Spa)

JL Goh

Tech Partner (Idyllic Cosmetology)
Founder (IPS Software)